A 1,000-mile journey begins with a step

Everyone have plans for there future especially plans for there careers, and we all know that it’s not easy to do what you love although it’s not impossible but to do what you love, you need faith and passion to be improved and to  prove it for yourself and for your society .

We are here to talk about those people who had  the faith in themselves and took the challenge
:Here’s a few example


Orage : it is a retail store for accessories owned by Sarah Hany. She found out that many people ask about her opinion in designing the accessories, then she thought why not to open an online store to get profit from it. So she get her very own startup and build it  with gaining experience which wasn’t easy at all as she got stolen several times but she kept learning more and more from it, and now she is a you-tuber and a business founder

 Orfaliis: this is a jewelry store owned by Eman Atef ,A lady who loves “Fairuz” and admires the classic style in life. She dependent  on herself to learn how to make her jewelry which mirror her soul in such a young age. She took a long process to know the secrets of her business and to be aware of the various names of the materials. She was the first one to use resin in Egypt, at the end she left her own special mark in the world of jewelry

Kahram: this is a hand embroidery business owned by Omnia Osama. she used her art to spread love and peace as she believes in the power of hand work. She doesn’t do business only for profit. as she asks her client more about details to create art that fits the client’s soul ,When she started, she felt pressure as others didn’t believe in her work the way she does, also she had to study things that she felt it doesn’t fit with  her and her soul, so it was hard to keep it all together but she made it at        the end

21cute.shop: this is a store where you can find cut stuff that adds calm to your life , a store owned by a girl called Meisaa who lives in Palestine. She’s so proud to have her own business that earns her good profit and to help her family and society. She believes in inspiration so she uses her store and her daily life to inspire others. Now she has her store growing up and gaining more and more support from people around her

Mohammed samir: He is a self taught graphic  designer who started his career in the field of typography. to improve his knowledge in the graphic design field.shifting towards branding and logo design was his move throughout the years. Developing yourself in a young age can give you a lot of selfesteem and value. Mohammed now works as a full-time graphic designer in an advertising agency

Finally you can clearly notice that it doesn’t need a great huge capital or such amount of investment, all you need is to trust in yourself even when others don’t believe in you, and have the courage to take the first step and time will do the job

.”Your goals isn’t that far”

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