Memories of the Subconscious

Memories of the Subconscious

,I want to write about something realistic

,Something you and I are dealing with

.I want you to relate, I want you to be able to understand

Throughout the life we live, we are left with a feeling of familiarity that we can’t  quite place where, perhaps a blank memory upon living in two different events.  Remembering a significant touch, a certain sound in the air – while you attempt  to decipher. On the other hand, you are sipping on black coffee having that rewind.

Maybe, this is a lot to ask for! However we can classify Theories by so many ways  in today’s world. For instance, déjà vu? 

Physics had a hand in it, phycology did too, and spiritual reaches explained un explainable breaches.  

Do you feel like you have done this before?  

Read this before? You are supposedly experiencing a new event but doesn’t feel  new in anyway? 

We call this sensation déjà vu originating from the French saying “already seen”  allow me to break it down to you but first let me assure you – you are not alone. 

There are up to forty theories listed explaining the torment. One being, you are  recalling this specific event from your past life, or your life is like a tape you have  seen prior as a fetus in your mother’s womb and you are recalling that memory.  Or simply your surroundings are too similar with prior events, imagine having a  conversation with a friend and suddenly they say something like ‘purple balloons’  and you think we have had this talk before – now stop; think about it for a  moment did the same song playing in the background have an input? Did the  table and color of the curtains help into the drawing of this old memory? 

YES! But it’s not a memory its merely similar clouds – same environment leads to  confusion sometimes making you believe you have lived this before.  

But let’s not jump into conclusions; however this was a perfect explanation to a  perfect scientific non-fiction story. Plausible but not interesting, almost… what I  know you don’t want to hear.  

Virtual reality has been discussed in so many scenarios off and on grounds,  movies like most Marvel and Dc comics suggest, Time travel related scripts and  Articles on suspicious occurring’s.  

Scientists can’t study déjà vu because it simply happens in a split second, you  don’t notice.  

Our memory is quite astonishing, how bitter sweet it is. From God’s sympathy to  our beings, sparing humanity the torment or remembering the details. Wishing at  times the pain would go away, time heals doesn’t? 

It was never documented before a déjà vu moment where pain and suffering  inflected a memory – why? 

Because it’s in our formation to forget.  

To undergo as less details as possible of negative feels, recalling happiest  moments almost, according to studies, never with full visualized details instead  through emotional strings.  

Feeling nostalgic brings back, old memories setting in your old room your family  chattering and your favorite cartoon playing while seven year old you sings the  intro,  

Listening to your 2009 playlist brings back all the activities you would do, while  listening to that certain rhythm. Hence why, déjà vu.  

Aspects of your old life comes like an unrecognized glitch, like a glamorous  orchestrated masterpiece you could almost swear you have heard before. 

But the notes don’t change do they? Only the sequence does. The words don’t change does it? Only the strings of its rotation do – it is what makes a book you  are reading or an article unique.  

Being solitary is hard, yet marvelous if carried out. Nevertheless, is that flash of  déjà vu yours alone? No,  

Why? The world revolves in a circle doesn’t – eventually everything comes around  and all beings and objects are bound to an end. That ending is either birth or  death, on some sort of level. How accurate could it be that two different people  are living the same life?  

Exquisite would be an understatement, science agreed that at some focal point of the planet’s rotation around the sun two people are experiencing identical stories  – same variables.  

Delayed processing and malfunction can also undergo this phenomenon; at times  also reported forecasting where people affirmed they could see what was going  to happen next.  

Our emotions and past experiences bring us closer to our epilogue realization hits  its last phase as you begin to acknowledge the biggest BOOM of all – nothing is  constant. 

But is there a constant speck that you can go back to? Or does it all fade into  specks of dust? 

Can you reconstruct your circle? Your cruising to an unknown yet destined  façade!  

Destination reached; you have been here before haven’t you?

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  1. This article.. oh my god please this is a great masterpiece of art.. these words are amazing I can believe that they are real.. great job and great words from a great writer.. I’m really looking forward to your next articles

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