Innovative Sins

What if…

My dear, I wrote so many scripts on the matter, stayed up so many nights, wasted a whole lot of hours on the idea. Shuffled through songs, thinking what if it was different? What could have possibly changed if I have not said what I said?

What could have happened if I maintained my stable state of mind?                                               

For all you sceptical people out there, let me enlighten you with the truth no one told you about!

Sometimes the heart that stops wants an electric shock to restart it and bring it back to life, today we are lying all the time for all the bullshit reasons that don’t matter.

He lied because he did not want to lose the new job; with the outrageous salary. And she lied because she did not want to lose him or explain herself, afraid to wake up the next morning a pair of warm hands missing. And another lied because they did not want to hurt another’s feelings!

What did you lie for?                                                         

Researchers said that circumstances that we are put through making us who we are, do the lies we say also do the same job? It’s said that those close to you are the ones you lie to the most – and also the ones who never buy any of your lies. Because our eyes say different things, the rules always contained one or two things about the forbidden fruit of lying.

Since the birth of the human race, in all the holy books nothing known as a white lie – so let’s stop pretending that you don’t know what I know, and what we both came to say.

You just don’t understand what you do to yourself and others when you manipulate the truths; I have always believed that saying things bluntly as they are would eventually be the better thing to do. But guess what? Still is not!

Therefore, the broader question is – why do people lie? The answer should be simple really but unfortunately is no.

Ironically enough numbers don’t lie, so I hereby declare the following:

Humans have been programmed to turn the lights away from truths that hurt them, to avoid being embarrassed, or punished; to maintain privacy, to win the admiration of others, and the sickest kind is to merely exercise control on others.

Often, these hidden emotions involuntary facial expressions revealing true sentiment. Never doubt the effectiveness of nonverbal behaviours to monitor to indicate a person is being dishonest.

There is an interchangeable relation between fear and lying, society has made it crucial for us to lie for all the tight situations we are put in when we don’t.

I can tell you, however; that every time one lies – one ends up wanting more. You can let what’s right and wrong get away from you and deal with situations differently, you can be afraid, it’s okay to be afraid. Yet, it’s important to remember that our prayers are being answered no matter what the world has planned for you!

No matter how many people conspired against you, even if the whole universe assembled!

 What would you do?

Will you lie to save your neck? God has made it his job to save you from the gallows! That is not your job! The world was put in order – we are not to break that order!

We are to have faith in the giver of solitary – As a recent study found; about nine out of ten worries are false alarms. So 90 % of the time, your fear is lying to you about the bad things that are going to happen.

Accordingly; when you fear being misunderstood for example so you lie – you’re probably wrong. Because you will never know what is the outcome; unless….

You will never know what could have happened on the other side! It’s called the beauty of the unpredictable.

When you pay close attention to your fears, you’ll probably notice that the predicted outcome is always worse than bad. If you’re worried about getting sick on vacation, it’s going to be terrible. If you’re late for a meeting, it will be awful. If you lose your job, life will be over. If your relationship ends, you’ll never recover.

In one way or another, you won’t be able to handle what you fear. The problem is our imagination doesn’t look far enough into the future. It’s as though, a book you are reading ends at a cliffhanger – you will probably think that the bad thing that might happen will be the end of the story.

My poor example stopped at a point where all of us were up half the night, but no matter what happens there will always be the next thing you need to do. Until the end of life!

Nevertheless, it can sure be hard to let go of our fears, hence, lies, which we believe are protecting us. One powerful approach by “The Alchemist,” in which we “continue to ask the question, ‘What happens next?’ he said.

Anxiety says that every bad thing you imagine is likely to happen and that you’ll be overwhelmed. We suffer by worrying and turning problems into more than something to solve, we relax and respond by letting life be what it is. Instead of trying to know the unknowable in advance, we can open to our experience as it unfolds. 

.That’s where joy and peace, we seem to run after eternally, seems to come

The next problem you encounter – and you surely will – you will use your skills and experience to solve it.

Notice what happens when you stop believing that lies will magically make it better!

You are in for a surprise, dear.

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