Minders is a student activity in the faculty of Computers and information systems, Helwan university, Helps discovering the potentials buried inside students, supports and improves them, in order to develop projects that help them get connected to the job market







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Recruitment '22

What would you like to read, mister? The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post? Minders? Minders news today is all new, everyone is talking about it, staying on track with it. The front page news is that "MINDERS IS RECRUITING" they are accepting new members in all the committees. 😲🥳 That means if you want to be HR, you can do it, If you want to learn graphic design, now you do it, If you want to work on a website or a mobile app you can do it! And there's a lot of other committees that you can join as well, you will learn, you will get benefits from it, you will invest in yourself, and off course you will gain. And don't worry about the finals🤓 we are prepared for that. The AC committee is actually preparing revision papers for you guys. 😎👍 So if you need to know more about our committees follow up with us, but if you already know, fill this form: تقرأ إيه يا أستاذ؟ أخبار أهرام جمهورية؟ Minders؟ أخبار Minders النهاردة كلها جديد والناس كلها متابعة وبتتكلم عليها والخبر اللي متصدر الصفحة الأولى هو أن Minders فتحت باب استقبال المتقدمين الجدد في كل اللجان. 😲🥳 يعني لو عايز تبقى HR هتعرف، لو حابب تتعلم Graphic Design هتعرف لو حابب تشتغل على Website أو Mobile App هتعرف، وفي لجان تانية كتير تقدر تنضم ليها وتتعلم وتستفيد منها وتبقى بتستثمر وقتك في نفسك وفي حاجة مفيدة. ومش معنى أن امتحانات الـfinals قربت يبقى متقدمش وتضيع على نفسك فرصة زي دي، لو على الامتحانات احنا كده كده عاملين حسابنا عليها ولجنة الAC بتجهزلكوا أجمد ملخصات كمان. 😎👍 لو لسه محتاج تعرف اللجان بتاعتنا تابعنا عشان تعرف أكتر عن كل لجنة، ولو أنت عارف خلاص..



Our Supervisor

She Received The M.Sc. Degree In Year 2000, And In 2006 Ph.D. Degree In Information Systems At Faculty Of Computers And Information Helwan University In 2015 She's Received (The Best Senior Level STEM Executive) From Meera Kaul Foundation She Supervises Many M.Sc. And Ph.D. Theses, Member Of Examiner Board For Many Msc And PhD, Ex-Vice Executive Manager For Development Of Students’ Assessment System Project For Helwan University (8 Faculties), She Supervises Many Graduation Projects And The List Goes On Of Many Positions She Had SO, Who Is She ?! Dr.Mona Nasr

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